Etnofutu – The Ethnofuturism of Fashion

What's all this then?

The point to all this

This sort of material culture has disappeared from daily use, but there's no need for it to stay that way. I aim is to help and inspire a sort of revival style, where some of the very attractive elements, such as the flat colours and colourful bands, of Iron Age dress are combined with more modern cuts and brought back into use.

What's this ethnofuturism business?

Simply put it's when you use endangered languages for modern culture. Mordvin-language rap, Harry Potter books in Komi – doing the sort of thing that most people enjoy instead of musealizing the language and culture by clinging to the past. The title Ethnofuturism of Fashion could, seeing as I'm a Finnish bloke, be understood to refer to 18th century style folk dresses with a nationally recognized status – it's just that I plain don't like those, and as a textile archaeology and Uralic language enthusiast the Iron Age naturally comes up.


The Finnish section also has some more maps and a series of popular summaries of heavy and serious literature about topics such as food taboos, Early Medieval economics and Finnic mythology. Some of those, particularly the ones on subjects that might not be very well traversed in English, will likely at some point receive English translations.

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